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Does knowing what to eat confuse you?   Many high-achieving women around the world feel the same.  Want someone to cut through the garbage and tell you what you need to know?

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Hey! I’m Sloan

An entrepreneur, mother, traveler, health & wellness nut and an unmistakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

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“Sloan is committed to supporting women in realizing their dreams.  She held me to a high standard and was diligent about me reaching my goals.”

					Debra Cleveland

Owner, Mentor & Advisor

“I am finally moving forward – my relationships are stronger, my stress levels are manageable… I didn’t realize what I would gain by working with Sloan.  I highly recommend her!”

Amy Cross

Owner, Pristine Clean

“Working with Sloan began a process of change in my life.  Trying to eat healthy was no longer an option and Sloan worked diligently with me to make it a habit.  I finally feel balanced…”

Emily Summers

Owner, Youngevity

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