Ready to feel AMAZING?

Let’s get started!

Would you like someone to take the guess work out of deciding

what to eat and how to eat it? 

Simply choose a meal plan and begin enjoying plant-strong meals that taste delicious, boost your energy, and are easy to prepare.

All meal plans incorporate the cook-once-eat-twice philosophy, saving you time and money, and include 3 weeks of:

Weekly Meal Plans
Easy-to-read Recipes
Beautiful pictures of every recipe
Grocery Lists
All it takes is 2 easy steps to begin renewing your energy and improving your health & lifestyle…

STEP 1:  Choose and purchase your meal plan.

STEP 2: Download and start using it today!

Real Food, Real Quick

Choose this plan if you want maximum nutrition, in minimum time.

Only a one-time payment of $25

21-day Transformation

Choose this plan for quick-and-easy meal plans to help you eat clean and feel awesome over 21 days.

Only a one-time payment of $25 

7-Day Cleanse

Are you ready to regain control over your changing body?

I get it – it’s frustrating trying to deal with the what-in-the-world-is-happening-to-me symptoms of menopause and age such as low energy, excess weight, hot flashes, food cravings, and crazy mood swings!

Participating in this 7-day reset will give you the boost you need to begin seeing positive changes.  You will begin cleansing your body of processed foods that zap your energy, and will soon notice a difference in your energy levels, weight, and attitude.  If keeping up with your family and participating in the many activities you want to enjoy are important to you, join us for our 7-day reset!  
Our next 7-day Energy Reset Cleanse begins April 16th.



When you sign up you will receive:

Access to our Energy Reset Facebook page
Our Kick-off Webinar
Reset Guidebook
Meal Plan and Recipes
Personal Workbook
Food Prep and Cooking Tips
Self-Care Tips and Tools

Sign up for the early bird special!

Only $97 when you enroll in the 7-Day Energy Reset now

Select Opportunities for Private Coaching

I  Believe:

“Life is short – Love it!”

“There is no purpose in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Based on availability I work with select women who are committed to making diet and lifestyle changes that will improve their health, increase their self-confidence, and allow them to play a bigger game.

If you are committed to working with me privately, click on the link below.  You will have an opportunity to schedule a conversation with me, as well as answer a few questions about yourself and what you are willing to do to create change in your life.

I also ocassionally offer online cleanses and group programs. The best way to hear about these upcoming programs is to suscribe to my mailing list.


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